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Liftech Ltd | Forklift Sales, Parts & Repair in Grand Cayman | Used Forklifts | Used Pallet Jacks | Golf Cart Repair

About Us

Who We Are

Over the past 10 years, Liftech has built a reputation of integrity, excellent product quality and outstanding customer service.  We provide material handling equipment solutions to large corporations as well as small businesses located in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands.

What We Do

We provide sales, parts and repairs for all major forklift and other heavy equipment vehicle brands including but not limited to: Freightliner, Al-jon, Toyota, Raymond, Nissan, Daewood, Lull Mitsubishi, Bobcat, Crown, Clark, Genie, Taylor, Teledyne, Hyundai, Hyster, Terex, Komatsu, Tenant, Cat, Snorkel, TCM, Manitou and Yale. With a well-equipped maintenance facility , a full preventative maintenance program and a vastly experienced mobile staff, we are able to support customers by fulfilling all types of maintenance requirements. 

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